The Grand Grimoire Chronicles, Episode 2: The mysterious hauntings at Cunningham House

Episode 2 of The Grand Grimoire Chronicles has now been completed and is ready for launch. The gameplay of this second instalment is different to the first episode, and is now much more reminiscent of a traditional point & click adventure, and as a result it is controlled with the mouse, though there is a keyboard shortcut (Z, X, C, or space) to toggle the look/interact interface.

The game is available on Armor Games:

Music composed by John Montoya.

In episode 2 you travel to the Berkshire countryside to investigate the mysterious hauntings at Cunningham House. Only recently has the house gained a reputation for being extremely haunted, and there has been a spate of ghostly sightings within the house and its grounds.

The sighting of a young woman on the roadside has led to a number of vehicle accidents, with the most recent incident resulting in a death. There has been some speculation that maybe the owner of your house is faking these hauntings in order to drum up business having recently turned the house into a hotel to help pay for its upkeep.

You must explore the house, inside and out, investigating the cause of these hauntings. Are they purely a fabrication, or is there something more sinister at work?

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