The Grand Grimoire Chronicles, Episode 1: The Unexplained Death of Henry Weaver

Following on from the success of The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe come The Grand Grimoire Chronicles. Episode 1 sees you visiting the south coast of England, investigating the mystery surrounding the death of a young boy. The boy was well known and had no enemies, but he was found bludgeoned to death just a short distance from his home.

Music composed by CRT_HEAD

The game is currently available on Newgrounds and will be appearing on Armor Games on the 13th February 2019.

The game follows a similar style to the previous game, but there have been a large number of substantial improvements. There’s an expanded inventory, but it is limited to six items at a time. The simple controls have been retained; simply walk up to an object to examine it, and press towards it again to interact or use an item.

Unlike the first game, the mouse plays a bit more of a role. To cut down on backtracking there’s a map you can navigate using the mouse, and you’ll encounter puzzles that also require the use of a mouse.

Though like the first, expect horror, intrigue, mystery, puzzle-solving, secrets and interesting locations.

The graphics have been overhauled, but still, they keep that retro feel. As this game became more complex, more detailed graphics were required in order to portray more complex things.

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