The grand Grimoire Chronicles, Episode 2: Walkthrough

Play on Armor Games:

  • Arrive at the front of the house
  • Note the date on the building (1578)
  • Interact with the intercom
  • Interact with hotel owner
  • Pick up ROOM KEY
  • Go upstairs and find your room. use ROOM KEY
  • Use bed (to nap) or kettle (to drink) to kill some time
  • Check map on wall/table to reveal woodland walk
  • Go to the office
  • Interact with door to unlock (Code is the year the house was built, found on the front of the building: 1578)
  • In office, pick up KEYCARD
  • Use KEYCARD on the computer/device
  • Go upstairs. Use MASTER KEYCARD on card slot
  • Enter gardner’s room
  • Check photos to get date (year) of marriage (1974)
  • Check jacket on hook
  • Pick up IRON KEY
  • Go to carpark
  • Interact with gardner’s truck to trigger car alarm
  • Go to orangery. Interact with door to unlock (Code year gardener married. Code is found on the photos in the gardener’s bedroom: 1974)
  • Enter orangery. Pickup CROWBAR
  • Check climbing plant to reveal BAMBOO CANE
  • Pickup BAMBOO CANE
  • Go to outbuilding. Use IRON KEY
  • Enter outbuilding
  • Pickup ROPE, SPANNER
  • Interact with stop cock to stop water to house
  • Go to kitchen, check pantry door
  • Pick up VINEGAR
  • Go to basement (via kitchen)
  • Use SPANNER on pipe to reveal WHEEL HANDLE
  • Interact with fusebox to reveal FLIP SWITCH HANDLE
  • GO back to outbuilding
  • Use FLIP HANDLE on fountain control box
  • Go to mire west to find outlet
  • Use WHEEL HANDLE on outlet
  • Go to fountain
  • GO down and use ROPE on last rung
  • Continue down well (fountain) (after outlet has been opened)
  • Go down ladder to well end
  • Examine skeleton to reveal GOLD PENDANT
  • Pickup STATUETTE
  • Go to the lounge
  • Use STATUETTE on fireplace
  • Interact with placed statuette
  • Enter secret door to secret room
  • Examine notes
  • use VINEGAR on stone tablet
  • Go to the drawing room
  • Take SHEET MUSIC from case on wall
  • Go to attic
  • Use SHEET MUSIC on pipe organ
  • Pick up BRASS KEY
  • Pick up CARPET ROLL
  • Use BRASS KEY on door in attic
  • Go to lower clocktower
  • Interact with chest to reveal METAL CREST
  • Pick up METAL CREST
  • Go to the crypt
  • Use the METAL CREST on the door
  • Check child coffins for the toys on top (TOY BOAT, BRASS TELESCOPE)
  • Locate mechanical door
  • Use CROWBAR on panel
  • Take DIRTY COG
  • Go to kitchen basement
  • Use DIRTY COG on container of lye to reveal CLEAN COG
  • Take CLEAN COG
  • Go back to crypt
  • Use CLEAN COG on door mechanism
  • Go to mire west
  • Use CARPET ROLL on mire to access mire east
  • Go to mire east
  • Use BAMBOO CANE on pile of ash
  • Pick up MAGIC BOOK
  • Go back to the crypt
  • Use MAGIC BOOK on the portal to destroy it
  • Go to mire east
  • Use TOY BOAT on spirit
  • Go to roadside
  • Use GOLD PENDANT on spirit
  • Go to clocktower
  • Use BRASS TELESCOPE on spirit
  • END

The Grand Grimoire Chronicles: Episode 1 Walkthrough

Here is a text walkthrough for Episode 1 of The Grand Grimoire Chronicles.

Note that pressing in the direction of an object LOOKS AT it, and pressing in the direction again EXAMINES the object or USES a currently held item on it.

  • From the map, head to the COASTGUARD STATION
  • Head south, then west to BEACH (WEST)
  • Examine the sign to reveal OLD FORT on the map
  • Walk back to the COASTGUARD STATION and enter by walking north
  • In the ACCOMMODATION KITCHEN, examine the small table to reveal the AMUSEMENT PARK
  • Go east to enter the CLEANING CUPBOARD
  • Examine the cleaner’s trolley to reveal KEYS
  • Collect the keys and go back to COASTGUARD STATION exterior
  • Use the KEYS on the garage door to open the garage
  • Enter the GARAGE
  • Examine the notice board to reveal the COMBINATION NOTTE
  • Use the COMBINATION NOTE on the locker to reveal TORCH
  • Collect the TORCH and then enter the northeast door to enter TOOLSHED
  • Use the map to visit RIVERSIDE WEST
  • Head south, then east to DOCKS (NORTH)
  • Use WOODEN PLANK on the rotten walkway
  • Cross the walkway to the OLD BOAT
  • Collect ROPE
  • Use the map to visit AMUSEMENT PARK
  • Head north, then west
  • Use SCREWDRIVER on the jammed door to access under the ride
  • Go west underneath the ride and examine the control panel to start up the ride and remove the workman from the centre of the AMUSEMENT PARK
  • Exit east
  • Head east, then north, and north again
  • Collect OIL
  • Exit south
  • Head south
  • Collect MANHOLE KEY
  • (Examining the access shaft will kill you)
  • Use the map to visit COASTGUARD STATION
  • Head west into the garage
  • Enter the northwest door to enter the CUPBOARD
  • Use the MANHOLE KEY on the drain to reveal the SECRET TUNNEL (ENTRANCE)
  • Enter the drain/SECRET TUNNEL (ENTRANCE)
  • Use TORCH on the tunnel entrance to reveal SECRET TUNNEL (WEST)
  • Head west
  • Use ROPE on the old metal post, or left-side of the screen to reveal SECRET TUNNEL (CENTRE)
  • Head west
  • Use OIL on the rusty shelves (the left-most shelves) to reveal SECRET TUNNEL (NORTH)
  • Head north
  • Continue north to OLD BASEMENT
  • Take note of the colour of three barrels at the top of the screen
  • Locate the COMBINATION LOCK on the fence
  • Enter the correct colour combination to open the gate
  • Examine the old toolbox (top-left) to reveal SPANNER
  • Collect SPANNER
  • Use the map to visit COASTGUARD STATION
  • User SPANNER on your car to reveal CAR BATTERY
  • Use the map to visit SECRET TUNNEL (CENTRE)
  • Use CAR BATTERY on the electric machine/motor to reveal SECRET TUNNEL (WEST)
  • Head west
  • Continue west to SECRET FORT TUNNEL (NORTH)
  • Examine the small grey pile of rocks to reveal CROWBAR
  • Collect CROWBAR
  • Head south
  • Examine the light blue pile of rocks near the bottom-centre of the screen to reveal BOOK
  • Collect BOOK
  • Use the map to visit SECRET TUNNEL (CENTRE)
  • Head north
  • Continue north
  • Use CROWBAR on the old wooden chest (bottom-right) to reveal TEDDY BEAR
  • Collect TEDDY BEAR
  • Use the map to visit OLD FORT
  • Head south
  • Use TEDDY BEAR on the spirit of the young girl to release her spirit
  • Use the map to visit RIVERSIDE WEST
  • Head west
  • Use BOOK on the spirit of Henry Weaver
  • Outro

The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe: Walkthrough

Walkthrough Map for The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe

Here’s a text walkthrough and a map for the web game, The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe.

ITEM: Spanner (Front of House West) > OBJECT: Fusebox (Outbuilding)
Let’s you enter the house
ITEM: Strange Coin (Kitchen) > OBJECT: Ornate Desk (Study)
Reveals the hidden room
ITEM: Book (Lounge) > OBJECT: Bookcase (Study)
Reveals secret room
ITEM: Key (Hidden Room) > OBJECT: Grandfather Clock (Hallway)
Reveals basement
ITEM: Candle (Secret Room) > OBJECT: Sconce (Basement)
Cut scene / Opens master bedroom
ITEM: Doll (Master Bedroom) > OBJECT: Pushchair (Landing East)
Opens nursery
ITEM: Tiny Key (Bathroom) > OBJECT: Music Box (Nursery)
Opens nursery wardrobe
ITEM: Ornate Handle (Nursery Wardrobe) > OBJECT: Wardrobe (Master Bedroom)
Opens wardrobe
ITEM: Iron Key (Wardrobe) > OBJECT: Attic Door (Landing East)
Opens attic
ITEM: Rope (Attic) > OBJECT: Well (Old Well)
Enables you to climb down the well
ITEM: Shovels (Outbuilding) > OBJECT: Boat (Lakeside North)
Enables travel to lakeside south
ITEM: Strange Glass Lens (Bottom of Well) > OBJECT: Broken Lamp (Hidden Room)
Reveals Spirits / Reveals totems


  • ITEM: Teddy Bear (Wendy House) > SPIRIT: 01 (Girl – Found via Cave)
  • ITEM: Slingshot (Garden East) > SPIRIT: 02 (Boy – Found via Secret Room)
  • ITEM: Police Helmet (Attic) > SPIRIT: 03 (Police Woman – Found via Basement)
  • ITEM: Locket (Bedroom 2) > SPIRIT: 04 (Woman – Found via Bedroom Closet)
  • ITEM: Photo (Front Room) > SPIRIT: 05 (Man – Found via Attic)
Walkthrough Map for The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe