Competition Time! Fancy having your horror plot feature in the Grand Grimoire Chronicles?

Like the idea of having your story idea the basis for an episode of The Grand Grimoire Chronicles? Then this competition is for you!

Not familiar with the Grand Grimoire Chronicles? If not, I suggest that you check them out first to see what they’re all about, particularly episode 3 to see how the series has matured. The games are horror-themed Point ‘n Click adventures.

The Prize?

It seems fitting that a suitable prize would be a Loot Fright Crate.

How to Enter?

  • Plot is to be submitted as a PDF document
  • The plot/presentation/layout is completely up to you, but bear in mind the theme (ghosts, spirits, horror) and type of game (Point n’ Click Adventure)
  • At the top of the PDF, please include at least a name, country of residence, and contact email address (If you win, I will ask you to provide further details regarding the prize and where it should be sent.)
  • Submissions are to be sent to
  • Entries must be received by the end of June 2020 GMT

Things to Consider

  • Plots featuring local lore or customs are encouraged
  • Think about interesting locations

Entry Conditions

  • By sending an entry you give me the right to use your story (or a derivative of). You will of course, be credited accordingly. You will retain copyright of your story, you’re just allowing me to turn it into a game.
  • You are eligible for the prize only if your address is within the supplier’s shipment limitations, please visit Loot Crate.
  • The work must be your own (you may work in a team, but only one prize is available.)
  • If your plot involves real people/events, this must be declared
  • One entry per person
  • Works submitted must be your own and not have been plagiarized
  • Please see full terms and conditions
  • The winner will be announced sometime between early July and end of August 2020 (Depending on how many entries I receive.)
  • The prize will be sent within 28 days of announcing the winner
  • If you win, please announce it by posting on Twitter, and/or Instagram using the hashtags #Competition #TGGC #Lootcrate. Ideally with a photo of the Loot Crate

The Grand Grimoire Chronicles, Episode 3: Walkthrough

You can now play episode 3 on Armor Games.

(Soundtrack available at:

Armor Games Walkthrough

  • Arrive at the carpark
  • Check your car to reveal your BACKPACK
  • Pick up your BACKPACK
  • Inspect the left signpost to reveal the route to the docks
  • Follow the route east (and north) until you reach the end of the docks
  • Inspect the boat to reveal that it’s the ferry, but no one is around
  • Go back to the carpark. The route to the village is now available
  • Go west to the village square
  • Go north to the post office
  • Enter the post office
  • Speak to the man on the right. Reveals whereabouts of the ferry operator
  • Docks to the docks. You can now enter warehouse 1
  • Go inside and speak to the ferry operator
  • Go back to the ferry. You can now get on the boat.
  • Once on the boat set sail to the west. (Only possible if you have your backpack)
  • On the new island, follow the path until you reach the pub and go inside.
  • Speak to the landlord/barman to get a DRINK
  • Pick up the drink and go right
  • Give the DRINK to the man and he agrees to take you to the island
  • Go to the docks and go west until you end up on the boat
  • Speak to the fisherman to reveal arrow to sail west
  • Once at the causeway, head west until you reach the island
  • Climb the stairs (notice the pulley hanging from the winch boom)
  • Go north once to the signpost, the east to the first warehouse
  • Enter the warehouse and get the RUSTY CROWBAR
  • Exit the warehouse and go east to the second warehouse
  • Kick the crack in the door to reveal access to the warehouse
  • Enter the warehouse and inspect the debris and toolbox to reveal items
  • Pick up the CHAIN, LADDER and RUSTY SAW
  • Exit the warehouse and go west until you’re at the west of the Inn
  • Use the RUSTY CROWBAR on the basement door to open it
  • Enter the basement, go up the stairs, then east
  • Use your BACKPACK on the table to empty it and reveal items
  • Pickup the ROPE and the MATCHES, and the HAMMER from the floor
  • Go back to the island crossroad where the signpost is.
  • Go north, and north again through the stone archway
  • Go west to the rectory exterior and enter it
  • Enter the first room (bedroom)
  • Use the HAMMER on the wooden chest to reveal STONE CIRCLE
  • Pick up the stone circle and exit the room
  • Enter the third room (study)
  • Examine writing desk to reveal LETTER OPENER and pick it up
  • Exit the room
  • Use the LETTER OPENER on the cabinet to reveal LARGE KEY. Pick it up
  • Exit the rectory and go west until you’re outside the only standing cottage
  • Enter the cottage, and then enter the fourth room (kitchen)
  • Interact with the cleat hook to make the airer fall to the floor
  • Inspect the airir to reveal a LATH. Pick up the LATH
  • Exit the kitchen and enter the second room (living room)
  • Use the LATH to lift up the chest and reveal a SMALL KEY. Pick it up
  • Exit the room and go through the fourth door (garden)
  • Use the SMALL KEY to unlock the outbuilding
  • Go inside and pick up the AXE
  • Go back to the cottage hallway
  • Use the AXE on the small crack in the floor to reveal BRASS KEY. Pick it up
  • Exit the cottage and go east until you reach the church
  • Use the LARGE KEY to open the church and go inside
  • Notice the hatch at the top of the room. Use the LADDER on it
  • Go up the ladder and interact with the wooden beam to reveal access
  • Go east across the beams until you reach another hatch
  • Interact with the hatch to unlock it
  • Go through the hatch and then drop down to the sacristy below
  • Note the first wooden pillar to the immediate right of the stone pillar
  • Interact with the left cupboard to reveal (another) crowbar! Pick it up
  • Interact with the door (far left of the screen) to reveal exit
  • Go out to the church altar. Search it to reveal OIL JUG. Pick it up
  • Go west once to the church pews
  • Use the OIL JUG on the centre cherub (this fills lamps with oil for later)
  • Use CROWBAR on second to last (7th) wooden panel. Reveals mechanism
  • Use the CHAIN on the mechanism/chains to swap it out
  • Go back to the sacristy. The ‘pillar’ noted earlier is actually a lever
  • Pull the lever and then go back to the church altar
  • There’s now a hatch to go down. Go down until you reach the bottom
  • Use MATCHES on the lamp (full with the oil you poured into the cherub)
  • The lamp lights the way forward. Go west once.
  • Pick up the WOODEN PLANK
  • Go all the way back to the top of the stairs at the start of the island
  • Use the RUSTY SAW on the winch boom
  • Go down the stairs to the bottom. Pick up the PULLEY
  • Go back up and head north til you reach the watchtower exterior
  • Use the BRASS KEY on the watchtower door and go inside
  • Use WOODEN PLANK on lower step. You can now climb up
  • Go up to the top of the tower
  • View the middle window. Interact with the marker/buoy
  • Interact with the wooden chest, pushing it down the stairs
  • Climb down the stairs
  • Examine the debris to reveal a STONE ELLIPSE. Pick it up
  • Exit the tower and head north
  • At the cliff edge, after viewing the marker, you can now go down
  • Climb down and use the ROPE on the pointy rock. Gives access down
  • Go down, and then go east through the cave until you reach the steps
  • Search the large crack to reveal a STONE TRIANGLE. Collect it
  • Go back to the church and down to the temple (mysterious) entrance
  • Note the small button on the left of the entrance and press it
  • Go through the entrance
  • Use the STONE CIRCLE on the panel in front of you
  • Go west
  • Use the STONE ELLIPSE on the panel
  • Go east twice
  • Use the STONE TRIANGLE on the panel
  • Go west. A combination lock has appeared. Interact with it.
  • 213 (order in which you put the stones and the sides of the shapes you placed)
  • Reveals a doorway. Enter it and go north until you reach the room with the funicular
  • Interact with the funicular to unlock it, and go inside
  • Interact with the slightly bent metal bar to break it off. Pick up METAL BAR
  • Exit the funicular and enter the room on the left
  • Interact with the shelf, causing the toolbox to fall to the ground
  • Interact with the toolbox to reveal MALLET. Pick it up
  • Exit the room. Use the METAL BAR on the right door to prise it open
  • Go inside and interact with the large metal wheel
  • Exit the room and enter the funicular. Then go up
  • Upon exiting the funicular take either the left of right stairs
  • Keep going north until you enter the lift
  • Use the SMALL WOODEN BOX on the hatch at the top on the lift
  • Go up
  • Use the PULLEY on the corroded pulley. You can now use the lift
  • Climb back into the lift then take it down and exit it
  • Keep going south until you reach the bottom of the temple
  • Use the MALLET on the stone tablet
  • The game is now complete. Click the message to end

The Grand Grimoire Chronicles, Episode 3 coming soon!

The Grand Grimoire Chronicles, Episode 3: The Legend of Lochlan Boyd

The third installment is very nearly ready. It’s currently undergoing testing and having various bug fixes and tweaks. Once again I’m fortunate to have John Montoya working on the soundtrack.


I reckon it’s going to be another couple of weeks until it’s ready, but I’ll get it out as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy some artwork of Lochlan Boyd.

The Grand Grimoire Chronicles Episode 1 place in Kongregate’s Monthly Contest February 2019

The Grand Grimoire Chronicles Episode 1 (TGGC Ep. 1), following on from the success of its predecessor has also won one of Kongregate’s monthly contests.

In February 2019, TGGC Ep. 1 did even better, managing to make it as one of the first runner ups.

There were a few criticisms of the game, but it was all stuff that I can improve upon. These improvements will make it into The Grand Grimoire Chronicles Episode 2!