The second installment of TGGC is now live on Armor Games:

In this episode you travel to the Berkshire countryside to investigate the mysterious hauntings at a large country mansion called Cunningham House. Only very recently has the house gained a reputation for being extremely haunted, and there has been a spate of ghostly sightings within the house and its grounds.

You must explore the house, inside and out, investigating the cause of these hauntings. Are they purely a fabrication, or is there something more sinister at work?


The awesome soundtrack for the game was created by John Montoya. I was very fortunate to have John work on the soundtrack as he’s done a superb job of it and the music really fits the game well.

The tracks in the game are short loops (in order to keep files sizes down) but John has created longer tracks (~1 to 3 minutes) that are available for streaming and download.

So please show him some love.

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